What is the mind?

“Meditation is not an action but rather your inner quality.

Meditation touches your deeply routed divinity." 


What is the Mind?

The minds of most people are engrossed in worldly concerns. When they are not brooding over memories of the past, they are entertaining anxieties about the future. They very rarely touch the timeless dimension of the present. Perhaps an accident or sudden shock brings them to the present moment – just for a moment. But then they lose that connection and again become mired in reminiscences of the past and thoughts about the future… In this way, they are bound to time and space. Their sense of doership constantly obscures the limitless freedom of the present moment. They become slaves to their mind instead of its master.

Those individuals who transcend this state of ego-identification, who are not trapped by their minds in this way, are called jivanmuktas, (living liberated beings). They do not identify with the false constructions of the mind. They remain witnesses to their mind and, without a trace of selfish motive, act with perfect effectiveness in the world. The presence of such awakened beings inspires gentleness in all those who meet them. Their actions inspire bliss. They act for the common good. At all times, they remind us that the centre of our being is peaceful and silent, and that the purpose of human life is to identify with this deep and natural state. This identification, and the awakening that ensues, is our very own birthright regardless of age, gender, caste or creed.

Such jivanmuktas can be called saints, yogis, or gurus. The objective of this website is to open up the free-thinking spirit in seekers as well as to open up a vast spiritual heritage to everyone who is interested in Self-Realization. Gurumatha Amma shows the path needed to attain the answers and to understand the ultimate truth beyond the mind. Gurumatha Amma says: 

”We can transform ourselves, gain mastery over the mind and emotions, overcome obstacles to our spitual evolution and attain liberation.”

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