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Amma in Calgary 2023

Tuesday July 11  to Saturday July 15 Gurumatha Amma will be travelling from Sridhara Gudda Ashram to Calgary, July 11-15th to Grace us with her presence and impart her knowledge. 

There will be daily asana, pranayama, mudra, and meditation from 6-8 am, followed by discourses later in the morning and afternoon from 10-3.

Late morning/afternoon class timing and topics can change slightly as Gurumatha Amma sees what’s needed in the moment. 

Discourses will offer practical wisdom and tools for our day life.

Classes will be held at the Chinmaya Mission Calgary and we thank them for having Gurumatha Amma once again. 

Lodging, food and yoga mats, blocks etc. are not provided so please plan accordingly. 

A Guru's presence and words help to awaken our own inner light, intellect and wisdom. 

Guru guides us to be the best we can be. It is such a gift to be with Guru.

To join and for additional details, please contact Stacey Sinclair at 613-791-7822 or

To learn more about Gurumatha Amma, to watch her videos or listen to her monthly Hunnime Nudi calls, please visit,

We hope you join us to welcome and embrace Gurumatha Amma in Calgary.


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