Sridhara Sri Gudda Ashram

“We can transform ourselves, gain mastery over the mind and emotions, overcome obstacles to our spiritual evolution and attain liberation."


Sridhara Sri Gudda Ashram – the Center for Self Realization

“An ashram is a natural expression of the Guru that grows around wherever He is. Guru is the power, the expression of which is the ashram.”

— Gurumatha Amma

The Center for Self Realization at Gudda is a confluence of Ashram and Temple, where the serenity and discipline of ashram life merge with the steady vibrations of mantras chanted daily. Gurumatha Amma established the Centre in order to initiate a spiritual revolution meant to inspire us to perform puja (worship) from a new state of awareness, one that begins and ends in meditation and shows itself through deep sincerity and love.

The Center is a place which unravels the language of silence, transcending the divisive nature of language with its competing grammars, alphabets and idioms. The aim of the Center is to train spiritual aspirants in the age-old tradition of gurukula (school of the Guru) to decipher the teachings of ancient sages and ultimately to attune to their own inner voice. Vyasa Veda Peeta, The Center for Self Realization at Sridhara Sri Gudda, has Nine Foundations, encompassing Nine Centers: The Center for Sanskrit, Yoga, Vedic Studies, Vedic Research, Food & Health, Books & Music, Ayurveda, Alternative Medicine, and Holistic Medicine.

Under the patient guidance of Gurumatha Amma, aspirants slowly learn to discard the veneer of illusion and to merge with their own highest Self. This Center was created to fulfill the need for a spiritual revolution. Gurumatha Amma generously bestows knowledge and enlightenment to all sincere seekers of freedom. In such a place, pride withers away, revealing one’s own true nature.

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