Patanjali Yoga Sutras: Your mind is an illusion and is a baseless shadow

Pathanjali Yoga sutra

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Your mind is an illusion and is a baseless shadow, but real yoga is the supreme truth and essence rooted in you. Understand the rhythmic value of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra. It is a science. Its outlook is significant and extremely special. The style of sutra is very unique. Following Patanjali is itself an assurance to the accomplishment of positive results.

Do not simply believe in Patanjali's Yoga Sutra. You must go through the process. You cannot compare Patanjali to anyone, because no one else has ever exisited like him. Only one who is ready to implement and follow his sutra can connect with him. This yoga sutra does not have any romantic or poetic fragrance. There is no such explanation of a fantasy world. It does not indicate any kind of intoxication. He has not promised any blissful world because it is clear that it cannot be given. When you consider Krishna, he can be understood by way of celebrations: dance which makes the whole world disolves in their love. Patanjali has not experimented such poems. There is no articulation of emotional words. Rather, it is a mathematical formula briefed as sutra. It just indicates precisely what we should follow. He has not attempted to say anything beyond words. He has not tried anything that is impossible. He has laid the foundation and firm steps to reach the peak of consciousness. For example, the first and foremost sutra ‘Athayoganushasanam’ if you understand rightly there is no unnecessary terms used. The first word of the Sutra “now here” itself indicates the state of mind to be in present always.

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