Gurumatha Amma’s Kabba Poetry – You are the king of the body.

gurumatha amma

You are the king of the body. The body is your representation. It is a Divine gift. However, misconduct of the body occurs because of your habits and addictions. Oh evil minded one, push out your villainess with an unwavering meditative mind. Supernatural power arises in your body constitutions as divine grace.

Dehada dore neenu, Ninna dhoothave deha. Deha daivasakshatkara

Daivadathavada koduge ninna durabhyasadinda durvarthaneya gayuthide

Dushta budhiyavane drudachithadhyandinda duudu ninna duralathanavanu

Daivanugrahava dehaprakruthiyali daivishakti ankurisuvudu.


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