Yoga is “Amana”, which means the end of mind.

sankalpa gurumatha amma

Pathanjali Yoga sutra

Atha yoganushasanam, yogaschitha vrithi nirodhaha

Thadadrashtaha swaroopeva asthanam vrithi saropya mitharathya

Yoga is "Amana", which means the end of mind. Only in Amana, the witness becomes witnessed and one can rest in oneself. If you are not in this state, you become one with the vrithis [thoughts] of the mind. In introspection, one should realize that he is in deep illusion. The illusion of desire is the illusion of future. The modern mind constantly betrays the Self; it cannot go with truth. The mind needs fantasies, falsity, illusion and temptation. To live, one has to understand this mechanism of the mind. You are constantly dreaming, not only in the night while sleeping, but even during the day. Even while listening to all this, there will be a wave of thought lingering. You are constantly imagining and hallucinating, day in and day out. Scientists have shown that dreams emerge from deep-sleep. Therefore, we see that apart from the short periods of deep sleep, our entire night and day is a dream. Every cycle of day and night has a rhythm. When there is a dream, there is movement in the eyeballs, if is stony while you sleep it is that you are in deep sleep. While you are awake, there are a few things to follow:

  • Come face to face with truth.
  • Be in harmony with present moment.
  • When there is no future, there is no place for desire.
  • Wherever you go, you have not reached anywhere.
  • With this realization you understand meaninglessness of life.
  • Total helplessness is not weakness if we have to face the bitter truth.

Buddha called "misery" the beginning state of disappointment. Desire is the cause of misery. Misery becomes intense with more desire. These things indicate that yoga is a state of no desire, a state of no future, a state of no cravings. Now you are ready for yoga. You are ready to realize what ‘is’. There is no need to do anything. There is no need to know what may happen or what has happened. Only the present is freedom. Many are curious about yoga but only a few can enter. Desire arises because of the mind. Even a small expectation for achievement through yoga is not allowed. To gain something is a common desire (for example, the desire of becoming a yogini, or of attaining bliss). Such desire is because of the mind, and because of it, you miss the path. With this desire, you go in the opposite direction. 

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