What is Sankalpa?

sankalpa gurumatha amma

Before commencing any action, we must clarify its purpose by first holding the potential action in awareness to understand and realize its usefulness (or uselessness). This wise, mindful, pure determination of action is Sankalpa – a firm commitment of dedicated action, with no expectation of result, made with good intention, good purpose and love. This action (including emotion, thought, word, and deed) can then be offered to God through “Upasishye” (a sincere determination to proceed with action), and a relaxing peace is felt as God accepts your Sankalpa, through which he removes any obstacles along your path as you perform your action in a feeling of wellbeing.

Man, often performs his actions mechanically (due to forgetfulness and ego), without pure Sankalpa, and consequently suffers both fear and attachment to the actions. Thus, as recommended by the Rishis and Gurus, his daily meditation practice, which includes the chanting of the Gayathri mantra (and other practices such as pranayama, etc.) offers him the opportunity to refresh his Sankalpa practice with full awareness. As he progresses in sadhana, every moment in life becomes an opportunity to practice the sublime Sankalpa kriya (inner action) to produce the corresponding divine karma (outer action) through total devotional and emotional commitment.

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