Introduction To Gayatri Mantra (part 13)

Introduction to Gayatri … Continued from the previous issue

Watching is so simple and natural, and not something new to be introduced into your lives. Watching only has to be deepened: taken away from others, and turned around towards you. Generally, you keep yourself completely unwatched.

You all know watching it is a question of changing the object of watching. The miracle of watching is that as you are watching the body, the watcher becomes stronger. When the third eye starts functioning, you suddenly feel the change, because your two eyes create the duality of the world.

Chanting the Gayatri makes you feel as if every mantra is moving towards you, and you are the centre, because in the centre there is no sound. That is the reason why you can hear the sound. The centre is without sound. A sound cannot hear another sound. You are soundless at your centre. You can hear the sound coming to you, entering you, penetrating you and encircling you.

Now, if you can find out where the centre is, suddenly the sound disappears, and you enter the soundless dimension. Sudden transference of consciousness takes place. When you chant Gayatri, the ears are not the center of sound. Rather, you are hearing from deep within - not from the head - but in your naval in tune with "Om bhur bhuva swaha".

These fundamental sounds combined are the interplay of electrons, protons and neutrons. They are so musical that the more you are in tune, the more you feel that you are filled with subtle sweetness, and the sweet sounds spread all over the body.

There are three stages in the process. First, be in tune with the sounds very loudly. Secondly, be in tune at a whisper. Thirdly, be with the sound that vibrates through the body, mind and whole nervous system. The Gayatri mantra, chanted properly, will lead the sadhaka into contact with the adorable supreme being, Savitra Mata, resulting in self-realization, in addition to improvement in health, happiness, and other material benefits.

...(to be continued)

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