Mankuthimanna Kagga – There are hundreds of opinions

There are hundreds of opinions, different views, and hundreds of thoughts in the storehouse of this world. You must choose, you have the right to choose, so choose the one that suits with your requirement and that which pairs with your thought. It is not enough if you just choose but you will have to internalize it.

The analogy of cooking can be drawn to understand this better. Just as we cook food, consume, and then digest it, we need to initially process the thought and internalize it. Each thought must go through our internal oven chamber, each time yielding a different stream.

Each stream is comprised of hundreds of opinions and you are free to choose one of them. It is extremely important to choose the one that
pairs with your thought. Real wisdom lies in the art of pairing the stream of thoughts.

Now there are many spices like pepper, ginger and others that serve as medicines to cure various ailments. Specific spices have to be wisely paired to provide positive effects on the ailments. In other words, specific ailments must be paired with medicinal spices to yield health benefits. Similarly, specific solutions must be paired with circumstances of life.

The wisdom to be able to do this pairing of solution with circumstance would require the grace of the Guru. This grace can be obtained just by staying with the Guru as the Guru will awaken you and open your eyes.

Nooraru Mathavihudu Lokadugranadali
Aarisiko ninna ruchigoppuvudaradarol
Saaradhadugeya olavicharadh valeyali
Madu bere mathi bere matha – Mankuthimma


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