The word salvation has remained as a philosophical concept.

• The word salvation has remained as a philosophical concept. But concepts will not help. We have to achieve a wondering dimension, because the whole substance of existence is “wonder”. One has to regain the dustless, for
imaginations and assumptions are all dust in the realm of wonder.

• Buddha, Paramahansa, and Shankaracharya - they extinguished their ego and realized the temporariness of it. The whole world bloomed into a beautiful flower, and the sahasrara opened up. This became their religion. Therefore salvation is not the true religion. Freedom from falsity, freedom from ego, this
freedom is the real dharana.

• When you go beyond, and reach the dimension of silence, even the words and the language should not disturb the silence. Thats why poetry is closer to silence than prose. The words - both said and unsaid - will not disturb the silence. Meera and Kabir didn’t know philosophy, but their poetry became religion. When you read the Upanishads enhance the inner silence, and silence is the language of mystics.

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