Gurumatha Amma’s Kabba Poetry – The superficial mind is animal mind.

The superficial mind is animal mind. It does not vibrate, respond nor blend with the tender feelings of the heart. The foolish mind misguides by thinking that he himself is the founder, and thus rules like a master. The polluted impure mind disguised as a friend, thinking he is superior tries to become the leader. The mind filled with limitless short temper and jealousy is the cause for rebirth.

Melmanassu mrugamanassu midiyadu milaayisadu Yedeya maardavake.

Moola purushane thaanendu maalikanenthali maarga thappisuva moodhamanassu.

Mundhalthvadalli thane melendu mitrananthe maaruvesha dharisiruva maalinyamanassu.

Mungoopa mathsarya mithimeeriruva janmamruthyuvigedekoduva maaraka manassu.

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