Mankuthimanna Kagga – The power of the Gayatri mantra

Mankuthimmana kagga is so beautiful. It has covered the significance of the Gayatri mantra as well. The Gayatri Mantra is not just a word or sentence. It is not even a sound or a cluster of words. It is the Power. All the four Vedas are condensed in the 24 letters of the Gayatri. When you contemplate it, the secrets of creation – the Vedas and the Upanishads – are revealed when one goes deep into the mantra and feels the mantra, because this mantra connects the microcosm and the macrocosm. Mantra says the energy in you and the energy in the universe are same, the sun in you and sun outside are the same. The sun outside is the visible God, you cannot deny it. Every day, one experiences that without sun there is no light, there is no heat, there is no life, power nor energy. Negativity cannot be eliminated without the sun, and therefore, the sun is the visible God. There is energy imbibed in the sun and this energy is the Savitr power that is Shivnarayana.  We call it Narayana because it is the maintenance power of the whole universe. Narayana is not a person, but rather the maintenance power in the Savitr. Who gave that power, the female energy, Savita? Savitri is the Savita Matha who gave the power to the sun as Narayana. Surya Narayana is the vishwaroopa. He is a vishwambara, and he takes care of the whole universe. Connect to the sun everyday especially during the transition time called sandhi kala when the rays are very powerful. The transition time is called Sandhya. Sandhyavanadana is totally connecting the sun within and the sun outside. Integration of energy – this is Gayatri. The 24 letters of the Gayatri mantra represent the 24 principles: your 5 senses, 5 panchpranas, 5 tanmatras (shabda, sparsha, roopa, rasa, gandha) and 5 panchkoshas (the 5 inner sheaths) and 4 (mano, buddhi, ahamkara, and chitta). All these together makes 24 principles which brings integration into your body, mind, energy, and emotions when you chant the mantra and contemplate the mantra and feel that you are a part of the universe, and the universe is a part of you every day during the transition time. The transition time outside and the transition time inside is the fourth state of consciousness, called thuryavastha. In this state, you are neither in the sleep state, nor in the wakeful state, nor in the dream state. Rather, you are in the altered state of consciousness, beyond these three states. That is the transition sandhyakala, within the microcosm inside you. This Gayatri mantra is totally energy. Here, the energy is female called Kundalini Shakti. When the Kundalini rises from muladhara to anahata chakra (the heart centre), she is the sun that is Savitri power. When the same Gayatri, the same Savitri raises into agna chakra, she is called Saraswati. She provokes your intelligence and bestows pragna shakti, the pure alertness intelligence, and when this happens, all the maya will disappear. Your perceptions become clear in what is called “Dhiyoyonah prachodayat”, which means you are asking to invoke the intelligence to see the light, to see the truth as it is. We are not asking anything materialistic. Rather, we are asking to provoke the intelligence (buddhi) which is most important in human life and which does not exist in animals. “Thathsavitruvarenyam”: Thath means that which is adorable ‘Varenyam’. “Bhargodevasya dhimahi” says that you are seeking the divine light to provoke the intelligence that pervades throughout everybody, which is in the seed form, which is the wisdom in everyone. This intelligence must sprout, it must flower. Only then can you have a good relationship with society and create a healthy society and a healthy world. This is the purpose of human life. The Gayatri mantra is worshiping the sun god, worshiping the shakti Devi that is the Gayatri, which is Kundalini energy (shakti). It is also knowledge. It is meditation. It is Omkara, as everything is in Omkara. In the womb of Om, the Gayatri beeja (seed) exists. When you chant Om, you are provoking the energy that is srishti sthithi laya, that which is responsible for the creation, maintenance, and destruction of everything in the universe. When pronounced in the right way – with the correct pauses, with the right intonation, and with the right feeling, while connecting yourself and with the universe – all this together gives you a lot of energy if you chant Gayatri every day.

Shriyanayuva balava jayava bedirdodam

Gayatriyaneparama mantravendaryar

Dhiyam prachodisendanudinadi

bedidaru Shreyasu dhi mahime



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