Introduction To Gayatri Mantra (part 12)

Introduction to Gayatri … Continued from the previous issue

The more you contemplate on Gayatri mantra, the deeper it takes you to the higher dimensions. Gayatri is the thought material that takes you to highest dimension and there is no substitute for Gayatri. There is no prayer with a more profound meaning. It provokes the child Agni and kindles the spark of knowledge. It is the bridge to cross the great river of samsara. The restlessness of the mind should be erased, while the purity of the mind should be maintained, to experience paradise on earth. Krishna also worshipped Gayatri. The Devi Bhagawatam mentions that the four faced Bramha worshipped Gayatri. Rama, too, received the Gayatri initiation from Rishi Valmiki, and the Puranas say that Indra and other gods have surrendered to Gayatri mantra.

The Gayatri, Saraswati, Savitri, Sandhya and Lakshmi are not different. In fact, they are shakti svarupa names of same and are the embodiment of primal energy. She is Surya’s shakti as Savitri, Brahma Nada’s shakti as Saraswati, Samadhi shakti is Sandhya, and Gayatri in singers as Omkara shakti is Brahmi.

...(to be continued)

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