Shree Annapoorneshwari Yagna

Anna (rice/food) is Brahma. Saraswathi is the energy of Brahma and source of all wisdom. This essence of the Devi in the form of energy of Trimurthi (Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara) blesses a seeker with health, wisdom and renunciation. As such, the practices of Annadana and Gnanadana has continued at Shreedhara Shree Gudda ashram for the past 22 years with utmost discipline and devotion. During this ceremony, each devotee is honoured as God and is served food by the very hands of Shree Gurumatha Amma with her ardent prayers and blessings for wisdom, health and renunciation.

Commencing this year on Shreedhara Shree Gudda’s 23rd anniversary, and continuing into 2019, renovations will be undertaken of Nivedyalakshmi (kitchen and dining hall), Goshala (shelter for cows), and to upgrade Vysya Veda Peeta for the Sanskrit language school – all estimated to cost INR 25 lakhs ($37000 USD). Each disciple and devotee is required to offer a minuscule donation in their capacity to execute this undertaking. It is a great deed to encourage all to participate in this selfless cause. This offering is sure to present one’s family with endless health and wealth.

to live for a sankalpa (selfless commitment) is like living for truth as it is way beyond life. A life without selfless commitment (satsankalpa) is equivalent to death. Therefore, let us live with such sankalpa, enhance our good deeds and architect Satya yuga.

Annapoorne sadapoorne
shankara pranavallabhe
Gnana vyragya sidhyartham
Bikshan dehicha Parvathi

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