Amma’s Q&A: “Should a religious person pray?”

Q: Should a religious person pray?

A: There are two categories of people. The first refers to religious people, those who know the beauty of that which is, that which is existential, who lives in the present, and who enjoys the present moment. The other category refers to the complaining lot, such people don’t accept anything, they condemn, criticize, judge, find fault with others, expect and constantly long for something more. This kind of people are non-religious.

It is said that, “Man proposes, God disposes”. This is also a non religious statement. The second category of condemning people have no gratitude or thankfulness for the gifts God has given them. Without gratitude and thankfulness, there is no prayer at all. That is why they are non-religious.

The truth is that prayer starts with gratitude (thankfulness). Without prayer, there is no religion, and without religion, there is no life.

Do not separate Meditation and Love, do not separate emotion and Meditation. Mankind has the tendency to separate and divide these into opposites.

What is prayer? Prayer is praising the Lord for what He has given to us. This is an approach of the heart which says “yes” and has no doubt. Pray in your own way and praise in as many ways as possible.

Take a decision today to drop the complaining mind, the comparing mind, and the borrowed knowledge resulting from culture, civilization and education. All such knowledge is borrowed and not one’s own experience. Practice this approach and it will make you wise.

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