Mankuthimanna Kagga – Shikhi is fire.

Shikhi is fire, the rage of mind on one side of the stone of life, and the fire of heart on the other side. Bring the life stone to boil by softening it. A life that does not melt in the heat of living and that does not become clear like water cannot fill into the ocean of life. If the fire of life does not boil the stone with extreme heat, both on the mind side of life stone as well as on the fire of heart on the other side, how can it become refined? The raging fire of life can never fill the ocean of the soul. 

Udara shikhi ondukade hrudaya shikhi ondukade

kudisadhire jeeva shile mruduvopudentu

badukinuriyali karagi tidiyagadiha jeeva pudiyadatmaarnavadi.


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