Upanishad – Self knowledge itself is detachment from cravings

  1. Self knowledge itself is detachment from cravings. All cravings are due to insufficiency residing within you. To come out of maya means knowing that you do not lack anything. Then the craving will be lost.
  2. The seeker should dissolve himself in his search, or the searching itself should dissolve. The Guru, God, the Self, and the search for reality are identical. When one is found, all others are revealed.
  3. The totality of all projections of reality is Maha Maya (great illusion). Coming out of this maya is viveka (wisdom). You can come out of maya by understanding that God’s projection of the world is maya.
  4. These aspects of Upanishad are for seekers to contemplate and any questions for further understanding will be answered by Amma.

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