Realizing the Self is the goal of the Gayatri mantra

Introduction to Gayatri … Continued from the previous issue

Even if you know the discipline of Brahminhood, even if you know the commentary of the Vedas, and one who keeps the vows of chastity, there is no other option that realizing the Self which is the goal of the Gayatri mantra. His intelligence has to work towards true knowledge of the absolute. The Gayatri mantra will make you a monk. Brahmanada is infinite; human life is a bubble. Due to the veil of maya, you live in the notion that life is permanent, but you must understand the impermanence of life through the wisdom of the Gayatri mantra.

Gayatri is a self-luminous flame and has a self-radiant aura - similar to how planets, and stars exist in space. This light from the Gayatri exists within us. Through astronomy, cosmology, or astrology, you can study and know about the outside world, but not within. Gayatri mantra enlightens us by bestowing cosmic universal knowledge outside and within. ‘Bha’ means light, ‘ratha’ means lover of light. Bhatrateeya means he who loves light. Whether in Japan, China, Brazil, or Sri Lanka, when it comes to spiritual knowledge, India is the motherland. History declares that Indians have always held the goal of becoming one with the inner light for moksha (salvation).

...(to be continued)

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