Patanjali Yoga Sutra Kaivalya Pada Shloka No 17

Taduparaga apeksitvat cittasya vastu jnata ajnatam

The object exists apart from the consciousness. It may be known or may remain unknown depending upon one’s intelligence and consciousness. The consciousness is a seer. It sees, and in case it does not see it does not mean that the object does not exist. It only remains unnoticed. Consciousness is not the seer of the soul. But it is the mirror of the soul. As such it cannot be omnipresent and hence its power is limited or conditioned.

If consciousness is attracted by an object, it then comes in contact with it. If consciousness sees the object with a conditioned state, the consciousness cannot perceive the object clearly. Consciousness can perceive correctly when the object is seen without any preconditioned thought. Only then it is seen with right reflection without refraction.

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