Patanjali Yoga Sutra is superior to scriptures

patanjali yoga sutras


Pathanjali Yoga sutra

Pathajanli Yoga is superior to scriptures. There is limitless unbounded wisdom that only a Guru, who has completely understood and imbibed the Sutras, can transmit in a very subtle, creative and artistic way. The Sutras appear very difficult, but the Guru, by deriving the Sutras, makes it simple to dive deep.

The Yoga Sutras, if recited merely as a verse, is a waste of time and energy. To make it natural and appealing , the Guru’s right flow of language is necessary. Yoga needs a welcoming door, and only a Guru can open this the door. One has to offer his head as Guru Dakshina to be received by the Guru. Like a boatman's oar has the ability  of propelling and guiding, the Guru is the oar that reveals the transformative secrets of the Sutras to the disciple.

As a real Guru demands your transformation, it may sometimes lead to bitterness as well. The Guru opens and destroys the mind.

All the Sutras are arrows in Patanjali's quiver. The Guru transfers all these arrows into his quiver and aims the arrows through the shishya's mind and shakes the inertness to reach within him. The Guru prepares the disciples to revolt against his habits and addictions. The purpose of satsangh is for a new and alert living, moving in new directions. Satangh is a sacred meeting of learned and learner. The purpose of satsangh is to examine, investigate, and measure the functioning of the mind, the inner and outer worlds, and, breaking or dropping of traditional beliefs, superstitions and ignorant practices. Connecting to the source is the purpose of the Yoga Sutras.

The Guru's effort is to lead the shishya to the state of witness and wisdom which is the first step to enter the gate. For awareness, The Guru has to bring the shishya between conflict and escapism to make them understand the truth in a beautiful way, and give the insight into the essentiality of opposites. Guru's words are profound, it has multiple vision and dimensions to answer different dimensional people like disciples, seekers, investigators, etc. and the same words will reveal knowledge for their own investigation.

His words have so much truth and contain deep knowledge, it has come from deep within and takes them where there is no space for words.  The Guru's words gives the conviction and conclusion in their journey. As this is beyond scriptures, it has to come from the Guru's direct and personal experience through his Yoga practice. The Guru leads to generate, channel and release energy, and in that process, shows how to remove pain and miseries. The Guru's knowledge is from invoking the inner light to the end of the mind.

This is like a sacred pilgrimage, and each sadhaka is a pilgrim who has to go through the process of peering into himself constantly. 

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