Mankuthimanna Kagga

DVG’s Mankuthimmana Kagga is a collection of 945 stanzas, widely regarded as the Bhagavad Geeta in Kannada for its poetic beauty and profound wisdom. Each stanza reveals, step-by-step, the essence of the ancient Vedas and Upanishads, towards divine knowledge and beautifies the interiorities (inner dimensions) of man.

Our lives are controlled by so many leaders. With only one leader, life would be comfortable, and the path of life would be easy. But we are controlled by so many leaders at the same time. We depend on destiny, our ego, and blind beliefs. There are so many things we believe in, and, thus, there is no integration of the body and mind, there is no integration of our energy and emotions. Consequently, there is so much disorder in our lives because of the many simultaneous forces acting and controlling us from within our minds. In addition, we are influenced from the outside as well: your husband is controlling, your wife is controlling, your children are controlling, your boss is controlling, society is controlling, the whole world is controlling you from the outside. You are a slave inside and you are enslaved from outside as well.

So many people are influencing you and so many forces inside are influencing you and controlling you. There is no freedom. There is only one voice deep down inside you which is providing constant guidance. This voice is very feeble and tender, emerging from the bottom of your heart. However, because of all the noise outside, you don’t listen to that quiet voice. Listen to that silent voice, and you will be free both inside and outside. It is the only voice you must surrender to – nothing else. That is the only voice that gives you the right direction to your life. With this one and only guide, your life will become very comfortable, but so many leaders controlling you at a time is causing disorder in your life.

Badukigaar naayakaru, ekano anekaro
Vidhiyo pourushavo dharumavo andhabalavo
Kuduruvudentu eeyavyavastheya paadu?
Adigudiye gathiyeno?... mankuthimma

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