Amma explains: “Managing a home is not a job it’s an art”

Managing a home is not a job it's an art

The science of Vastu advocates that good vibrations can be experienced in the house by following certain prescribed rules during its construction. One can experience perfect Vastu by following the principles described below and without having to disturb the construction or the direction in which objects are placed.

On the contrary, it is not possible to experience positive vibrations even in a perfectly constructed home if the below mentioned principles are not followed. These are some basic and simple principles that needs to be followed by all. Adherence to these principles can prevent and individual from getting negatively impacted by the flaws in the Vastu of the house. Surprisingly enough, these are easy to follow principles are extremely easy to follow and have a tremendous impact that adds to the culture within the home.

First, start with the habit of not parking one's vehicle in front of the neighbour's gate. Continue the practice by ensuring that there are no empty pots, rotten plants, weeds, nor stagnant water in the garden. One must understand that one can make way for fresh air by planting fragrant plants and trees.

Within the home, there should be enough sunlight and air circulation. Too many footrugs only make the home clumsy, and regardless, they must be cleaned daily and must never be left dirty. Too many cushions and curtains make the environment uncomfortable if they are not eco-friendly regardless of how beautiful they look. It is important to use carpets occasionally if it is not possible to dust them daily. It is advisable to do a pest control at least once a year to avoid cob webs and other pests. Regarding the bedroom, bedsheets have to be kept clean at all times. Placing some fresh flowers and a copper bowl of water with a little salt and essential oil will create a positive ambiance. Of course, remember to replace this water every day. In addition, reshuffling of clothes in the wardrobes will adds to freshness.

To have a spiritual atmosphere, keep one or two idols and use oil lamps or candles instead of electric bulbs. The books should be maintained well in the study room. The shelves must be free of unwanted things. The walls must be filled with sayings and positive words from inspirational leaders to enhance the learning environment for adults and children alike.

Having a notice board to exchange messages is more effective than any other electronic media. It is encouraged to have designated cupboards to store files and medicines that is out of the reach of children and strangers. In the kitchen area, groceries and other stuff must not be stored in excess as it only hampers the cleanliness within the home. It is important to buy things in smaller and required quantities and to take heed of the expiry dates.

Nothing must be stored in a deep freezer for a period exceeding one month. It should be ensured that clean water flows into overhead tanks, water storage and into water purifiers. Bathrooms and toilets must be kept very clean and this is more important than performing the pooja!

It is important to have an exhaust fan in the bathroom and this really is more necessary than having a television. All health faucets must be cleaned using a brush each day. Dustbins have to be managed with utmost priority. Footwear used outside the home should not be used within the home. Most importantly, use of gadgets like mobile phones and laptops must be avoided as they only block the mind and energy flow.

Interestingly enough, following these principles are sufficient and one need not necessarily follow Vastu. It is enough to consider these aspects carefully and creatively while planning the interiors of the house.  Adhering to these principles is truly an art and is the responsibility of all family members. These principles lighten the mood within the home and creates a positive environment.

In addition, these rules may be displayed creatively around the home. This way, the same message can be easily passed down to relatives and friends. These are known facts except that people tend to forget these aspects due to unending busy schedules and other priorities in life. Neglecting these principles for a long duration causes great damage and can become a cause of mental and physical illness.

Only one who follows these principles is aware of its benefits through one's own experience. In fact, a paradise can be created on Earth by simply following these principles.

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