Gurumatha Amma’s Kabba Poetry – Make yourself as strong as a stone slab

It is beneficial to be amongst well wishers, your heart will not fail you.

The skill of a florist is in the arrangement of the colourful flowers.

Life is not a joke, it is a seeking for which you need to drop your immaturity.

The last of the rains may be a heavy downpour, so with clear fullness make yourself as strong as a stone slab.

Hitha chintakarodane hithasakthiyaliralu hrudaya sthambana aagadu

Haavadigana hastha koushalavu bannada hu guchagala jodaneyu

Hudugatavalla jeevana hudukatavidu  huduguthana bidabeku

Hingaru malaye huchu maleyagabahudu hasanmukhadali haasugallagisu ninnanu

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