Mankuthimanna Kagga – Life lies in understanding the problem

The main difficulty in life is that we do not understand the problem. In actuality, the problem is misunderstanding the problem. Life lies in understanding the problem. We have not understood the basic essence of life. And as we do not know nor understand the cause of the situation, we call it a problem. But on the contrary: not understanding the situation is a problem, further compounded by not being wise to know what is right and what is wrong in any situation. When we understand the essence of the problem, or touch the cause of the problem, we become wise and realize what is right and what is wrong. Learning the rules of behavior from books or from the Guru may not help until you refine and retune your inner understanding. If you do not open your inner eyes, if you do not get the insight of things, any kind of knowledge gained from books or from situations will not improve you.

Mankuthimmana Kagga

Kashta jeevada paka Kashta dharma viveka

Eshteshtu neethi yuktigala bagedhedeyum;

Eshteshtu ninnol valathilivilladire nashta

Drishti sukshmave gatiu - Mankuthimma


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