Introduction To Gayathri Mantra (part 5)

Introduction to Gayatri … Continued from the previous issue

Bharata muni is one who brought the Indian music which has bhava, raga, tala.

Music is to raise consciousness to the highest level of life by bringing in us the unity of bhava, atma, expression and soul. Indian music has great spiritual power to realize one self.

Our saints during their meditation have found many ragas which are most powerful and devotional. They realize God through the power of music. Thyagaraja was one such saint whose compositions are treated as the soul of Carnatic music.

His kritis have sublime qualities which create ecstasy and bliss. The healing qualities of music is vast, and it is universally accepted. The healing power in music is used to heal the body and mind and this is called sono therapy or sound therapy.

For rehabilitation after a stroke, they have accepted this as a psychotherapy , it calms your nerves and cures high blood pressure, and reduces mental stress. It reduces tension and anxiety and therefore reducing tranquillisers and other medication.

They say there is no sangeeta nor swara (dance) without nada. Gayatri is the basis for sangeeta sastra because the principle of sound is nada.

...(to be continued)

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