Introduction To Gayathri Mantra (part 4)

Introduction to Gayatri … Continued from the previous issue

This mantra is considered to be a medium developed by Prajapati, for communicating with the ever-lasting energy, Savitra power.

Mantra learned from a competent guru and practiced with faith and reverence leads to the fruits sooner or later. Results will be produced as soon as one pronounces the mantra. Even many man-made devices attempt to produce results, but you have to learn to use it, so go systematically with the mantras.

Practical experience and instruction from the Guru are essential. Practice for a considerable time for achievement of definite results.

The reason for quoting the Chandas meter, the rishis before chanting is that we have to acknowledge them. The humility should be there. It is not merely gratitude to the one who composed the mantra, but to establish a connection with him.

Whether the Rishis are physically living or not, the message or thoughts reaches them once the sadhaka is eager to show his respect and gratitude – there will be a mystical relationship between them.

Just as we meditate on God, we can meditate on the Guru because the rishis consciousness is expanded in cosmic consciousness and are in intimate touch with humans that their thoughts instantly reaches the Guru.

...(to be continued)

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