Introduction To Gayathri Mantra – Part 2

Introduction to Gayatri … Continued from the previous issue

Vishvamitra Rishi: “The devatha in Gayathri mantra is none but the Parabrahma.”

Agastya Muni: “Parabrahma is internalized and hidden within the orbit of the sun, and is the self illuminating force and the destroyer of sins.”

Veda Vyasa: “Narayana is amalgamated in the sun. The knowledge of wisdom has to be introduced to every individual to become aware of this energy as it destroys all sins and gives laya Shakti (the energy to destroy evil/sins).”

Nirukta Bhashya: “Parabrahma enters into the hearts of each of us and works through the intelligence. Brahma has established the solar system.”

Brahadhranya Upanishad: “When Gayathri is worshipped in the form of Agni (fire), then she burns all sins into ashes. Bhargo is the force of Paramatma which has this power to burn all evil.”

Manusmrithi: “When the seeker (dwija) chants the Gayathri mantra 1008 times each day for a month, he gets rid of all sins, just as the cobra sheds its layer of outer skin.”

Sahasra krutwastwabhyasya
bahiretat trikam dwijah
Mahatopyenaso masat
Twacevahirvi - mucyate

The Vedas proclaim and confirm that yagna is not the ultimate, but Brahma is. Only Brahmagnana is ultimate and permanent. Even the Vedic practices of yagna bestows its fruit when one has Brahma knowledge. Even Vedic practices are materialistic and of gross characteristic. One will receive all the fruits of yagna when one attains the awareness of Brahmagnana. Cosmic knowledge cannot dissolve the Gayathri knowledge.

Yagnavalakya samhitha: “The life within every heart is atma which is the bhargo, which balances and protects every individual and is the source of all motivation.”

Before chanting Gayathri, one should praise the glory of Narayana which is the primary force of every action. Narayana is Vishvarupa, Vishnu, Srikrishna, Jeevana Dharma Yoga, Guru, Jagat Guru. Only Krishna/Narayana can be called as the Guru. Though the mantra directly starts with the Surya tejas, it has the energy to purify budhi and make an individual walk in the path of dharma and stay disciplined. Gayathri mantra is priceless. Many people are graced and have reached great heights by chanting the Gayathri mantra including Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Lokmanya Tilak and many more. The list is endless starting from Rama. Gayathri mantra has the power to cure various diseases and resolve extreme miseries. Many rishis and philosophers have gained the experience of higher dimensions of dharshan through Gayathri. It is required to chant Om prior to chanting the Gayathri without which it remains incomplete. Even Krishna has quoted that he is the Gayathri. Omkara is the bridge to Gayathri/Krishna. Om is the medicine for the liberation of the soul.  It is said that Gayathri has taken birth from the womb of Omkara – hence Om contains everything.

Gayathri Mantra chanted properly will lead the sadhaka to get in contact with the adorable supreme being Savitha Matha and to get the results of self-realization, as well as improvement in health, happiness and other material benefits. Deities of Surya are Aditya, Gayathri, Savitru, Pranava, and Agni in Bhuhu. Only he who has created this illusionary world can have the power of liberating man from the illusive mind. Brahmagnana has allowed man to come out of the shackles of mind by chanting Gayathri mantra. The seer of the Gayathri mantra is the rishi of Gayathri mantra, and the 3 parts of Gayathri mantra is presided by 3 rishis. Om is Brahma himself. The second part is within the vyahriti, and the third part is the Gayathri Mantra. Prajapati is also a name of Gayathri. The essence of all three is Parabrahma. The Rishi’s names are prehistorical. The Rishi named in the mantra is not necessarily the author because the mantra was born much before the rishis were born. Vedic words are natural, in the sense they speak for themselves. To understand this, we must go to the root. These words are the symbolic expressions, meaning that the Gayatri mantra existed from time immemorial. The real author is Parabrahma. The names are remembered because of the contribution to the mantra from all different eras. The Vedas are called trividya. They contain three aspects: knowledge, action and spiritual pursuit. Prajapati wanted to derive the essence of creation out of deep meditation, and Om Bhuhu came out.

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