Amma’s Q&A: “How to accept lies in someone’s speech?”

Question: These days, the moment I speak to someone, I know the ideas behind their speech. If someone’s intentions are different than the words they speak (such as providing a lie as an excuse to miss work), they hide their true face. This really troubles me a lot. How to accept them?

Amma: Read your question again and again. I will help you to see the truth. You say that this problem is happening these days. However, before it was not like that. This change within you is the main reason for your difficulty. The change may be in the periphery, but deep inside, there is no problem at all with anyone. These days, you are not ready to accept people as they are. You mention that you know the ideas behind people’s speech. If you have truly known, you would have accepted them as they are, because real knowing is active acceptance. In truth, you are not aware of why they talk like this. Their passing-the-buck is also ignorance. If an ordinarily human passes the buck or gives reasons without feeling the response or responsibility, do not expect them to be more than that. If you do not pass the buck, you get energy. Be responsible for their ignorance, and at the same time yours as well. If you realize my words, help them to come out of it with lots of love and compassion about their action or inaction. The 3rd part of the question: their hidden face is also not real. Their real face is your reflection of your own reality. See yourself in them all your problems as well as every obstacle will disappear.

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