Amma’s Q&A: “How does Anganyasa help devotees on their path to Self-Realization?”

Question: How does Anganyasa help devotees on their path to Self-Realization? What is the correct mental attitude while practicing?

Amma: Anganyasa refines your senses also especially the sense of touch - a very subtle sense because it is the Vishuddhi Chakra that is the throat centre. The principle is Aakasha Thathwa in the Panchabhootha Throat Centre means it represents the space in us, not the physical body but the space in us. It is the subtle body that has no form. The subtle body is the etheric body which is not the physical body, mental body, not the Pranic body, but rather it is actually subtler than the Pranic body that we call as etheric body in Sanskrit we call it Linga Sharira.

Here we are not touching the physical body. One who does Anganyasa should know that he is activating the inner body. Here, you must keep in mind that you must gently touch the energy points and never press it hard. You must feel the body with a sensitive touch. Feeling and touching as if you are touching the inner body. Even when you don’t touch the outer body, you must feel the vibrations of the inner because the etheric body extends one inch beyond the physical body – it is an outer layer like a thin film which you can feel by gently touching.

Anganyasa is actually a mudra. This process is not karma (action). Rather these inner movements are called Kriya. Here your intelligence plays an important role. When there are no thoughts, there are no concepts and pre-occupied thoughts about anything. Since this state does not work with an analytical mind, you have to totally surrender your body and feel the inner body. Here you can actually feel the movement of energy inside.

You can feel the movement of prana. You can feel the movement of pure intelligence inside with a lot of awareness. Here awareness plays a very important role. You must discover and know that this the Centre is where all the 5 bodies meet. This is the place where the Panchakoshas meet, a place where the energies meet.

When you feel these focal points from outside, then you can feel the throbbing inside. Automatically your chakras respond. You can tap energy from the chakras and channelize this energy.

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