Commitment is not a Word, it is a Power

Gurumatha Amma

Gurumatha AmmaWords are of the mind. Reading and understanding is of the mind. But if you are a real seeker who has absolute faith in a guru and immense hunger for the truth, you can go beyond words and the dictionary meaning of words. For you, words become the bridge to cross over from verbal to non-verbal. Each word, when you remember, feel, explore, go around and when you dive into the word with patience and perseverance, suddenly the mind takes a turn from the word and takes you into the silence beyond the word. It is like finding a person knowing only his name. One day the name becomes a reality when you meet the person. This means you travel from mind to the no-mind state where each word reveals the truth and many meanings which become the real knowledge because it is coming from your “inner wisdom.”

Now take, for example, the word commitment. When we delve deeper into the word we see that commitment and responsibility are two aspects of the same reality. Commitment or responsibility is a power or inner strength, not a burden. Responsibility or commitment is being committed. It is an ability to respond to the need of the situation or being available to the situation. Commitment is giving oneself totally to the situation.

When you stick to commitment totally, respecting and trusting yourself, success is the result. Success is not the goal for a committed person. It is a consequence of his dedication. Always remember that the goal is not your own goal but God’s will. Then ego will never enter into it and the will to achieve the fruits of your own labor will not be there. From this state of mind, you will not get caught up in assessing your own achievement but will with ease maintain the focus on God’s will. This is the secret of sticking to a commitment.

The quality you need to hang in there is surrender. Surrender the results and remain committed to the path regardless of what obstacles come in the way. God removes all obstacles to His work. Always keep selflessness in your commitment without any expectation you go with the will of God. A committed person flows with the river which is already committed to flow toward the ocean. There is no need to swim. Effortlessly you reach the goal. Here your goal is not personal but it is a universal goal. If you surrender to existence, you are successful. To have one’s own will is egoistic. To allow God’s will to happen to you is surrender. To be with God and in God is to be successful. There can be no other victory greater than this. Commitment and responsibility are two aspects of the same reality.

Gurumatha Amma
Sridhara Sri Gudda
Centre for Self Realization

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