Amma explains: “Managing a home is not a job it’s an art”

Managing a home is not a job it’s an art The science of Vastu advocates that good vibrations can be experienced in the house by following certain prescribed rules during its construction. One can experience perfect Vastu by following the principles described below and without having to disturb the construction or the direction in which[…]

Patanjali Yoga Sutra – Vibhuti Paada -Shloka 1

Deshabandah chittasaya dharana The Vibhuti Paada of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras explains the ways, means and purpose of utilizing yoga. This chapter explain the glorious properties that occur through the mastery of yoga. Sadhana, samadhi pada Patanjali shows the methodology of bringing under control the skeletomuscular body with the vital organs, the organs of action, and[…]
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Gurumatha Amma’s Kabba Poetry – One must be generous, take bold steps.

One must be generous, take bold steps, be humble and surrender to the Almighty. One must discipline oneself through spiritual initiation to overcome miseries. Once an individual frees oneself from the cage that is hammered from all sides, the individual would be guided by the great light like that of a Mariner’s compass. Dugudagala damanavagisalu damada[…]

Introduction To Gayathri Mantra (part 5)

Introduction to Gayatri … Continued from the previous issue Bharata muni is one who brought the Indian music which has bhava, raga, tala. Music is to raise consciousness to the highest level of life by bringing in us the unity of bhava, atma, expression and soul. Indian music has great spiritual power to realize one[…]

Gurumatha Amma’s Kabba Poetry – The superficial mind is animal mind.

The superficial mind is animal mind. It does not vibrate, respond nor blend with the tender feelings of the heart. The foolish mind misguides by thinking that he himself is the founder, and thus rules like a master. The polluted impure mind disguised as a friend, thinking he is superior tries to become the leader.[…]

Mankuthimanna Kagga – Surrender to the deep Principle with certainty

Surrender to the deep Principle with certainty of understanding that the thing which does not permit clear knowledge of its being or not being, but by its own virtue revels in ecstatic dance as the world donning the shape of life, is good indeed. Ihudhu illavo thiliyagodadhodhu vasthu Nija Mahimeyim Jagavagi Jeevaveshadalli Viharipudadolithembudu Nisadavaadoda Gahana[…]
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Patanjali Yoga Sutra Kaivalya Pada Shloka No 18

Sada Jnatah cittavrttayah tatprabhoh purusasya aparinamitvat On account of changeless, the lord of the consciousness is the seer. He never wavers, alters or falters but remains changeless forever. He is the master of consciousness. The seer is non-changing and non-wavering and the consciousness is ever-changing. As the seer is unwavering, he is aware of the[…]

Amma’s Q&A: “How to accept lies in someone’s speech?”

Question: These days, the moment I speak to someone, I know the ideas behind their speech. If someone’s intentions are different than the words they speak (such as providing a lie as an excuse to miss work), they hide their true face. This really troubles me a lot. How to accept them? Amma: Read your question[…]