Introspection into Self-Realization – Teleconference January 2017

  An introspection into Self-Realization. A discourse given by Gurumatha Amma during her free monthly hunnime nudi (full moon) teleconference in january 2017. This discourse touches upon the following questions:
  • Who am I?
  • Who is the witness?
  • “What I need to know, I come to know.”
  • “That which knows that it does not know is the timeless.”
  • “To say: I know myself.” is a contradiction.”
  • “Believe in what you do, always. Everything else is a waste of time.”
  • “Nobody can say: I am the witness.”
  • “If you say: I am. Is it real – or unreal? It is real only if I am not this, nor that.”
  • “Be with your breath, every day. Stabilize your breath at least for 10 minutes each day. Help your mind to become stable.”
  • “Do not look for meaning, rather look for truth.”
  • “Maintain posture in Yoga. Your body needs to remain healthy, but don’t put too much attention to the body.”
  • “Om Nama Sivaya.”