patanjali yoga sutras

Patanjali Yoga Sutra – Kaivalya pada Shloka 18

Sada Jnatascittavrttayastatprabhoh Purusasyaparinamitvat The lord of the consciousness is the seer. He never wavers, alters or falters, but remains changeless forever. He, being the master of the consciousness, knows the behavioral pattern of consciousness. The seer is non-changing and non-wavering, while the consciousness is ever changing. As the seer is unwavering, he is aware of[…]

Patanjali Yoga Sutra – Vibhuti Paada -Shloka 3

Tadevarthamatranirbhasam svarupashunyamiva samadhih When the non-wavering and non-varying singular focal attention flows, shining brilliantly, then the feeling of ‘I’ fades out. When the feeling of the “I” fades out, absorption is felt. This is samadhi – when the focus of attention gets saturated and enhanced, timewise it transforms itself into meditation. Similarly, if the same[…]
gurumatha amma

Gurumatha Amma’s Kabba Poetry – You are the king of the body.

You are the king of the body. The body is your representation. It is a Divine gift. However, misconduct of the body occurs because of your habits and addictions. Oh evil minded one, push out your villainess with an unwavering meditative mind. Supernatural power arises in your body constitutions as divine grace. Dehada dore neenu,[…]

Mankuthimanna Kagga – the four boons worth praying for

Desires that always know their limit, senses that never lose themselves in indulgence, labour that earns livelihood without selfish motive, and a mindset that constantly scans life only to grasp the truth, these are the four boons worth praying for. Parividhiyanarithase Paravashate alidasukha virathiyodavereda lokodyoga yukti Parikisutha Jeevithava sathyavane pidiva mathi Varagalee nalkevara – Mankuthimma[…]

Introduction To Gayathri Mantra (part 8)

Introduction to Gayatri … Continued from the previous issue The Vaktathva (speech principle), which is in a hidden form of cosmic music, has been given expression by Goddess Saraswathi with great love to humanity. Whenever the knowledgeable wise man, with his alert mind, purifies his speech with pure thoughts, then his friends understand what true[…]

Mankuthimanna Kagga – Don’t entice me by creating desires in me

Don’t entice me by creating desires in me, and then don’t again ensnare me in relationships which permanently bind me. For heaven’s sake, please don’t make me walk the mud ridden road where they sell quicksand that binds me to different places. There is no need to create desires or bind me in relationships that[…]